Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Cup?

No matter how parched I am at any given moment, I always try to view the cup as half-full. Somehow, this lesson resonates and I have applied it to most situations and in the past have preached this philosophy to my children and friends.

With today’s headlines, it has become increasingly difficult to view the cup as half-full when it appears as if the cup has all but disappeared. However, I do maintain the half-full attitude and hope for the best. Optimism and hope are what we have left. White knuckled, I am hanging onto every piece of positivity that I can.

Technology has surpassed humans in the way of evolution. It has outgrown us. I believe it to be challenging yet vital to take time to reflect on our relationships and nurture them, as our lives depend upon their existence. Everything moves very quickly, and in this continuum of development, the human element tends to fall by the wayside.

It takes more time to pick up the telephone and speak to a person than to shoot off a text message or email. The risk of having an actual conversation might present the opportunity to expand upon other subjects or have an organic discussion. Who has time?

How many of us look at the caller ID and hit the ignore button? Not now. I imagine being struck by lightening or something when this happens. (For those of you reading this, of course I do not ignore you).

This is one of the inconveniences of being reachable at all times. Not long ago, if you weren’t home, you were truly not home, therefore unreachable. So, what gets lost? In the middle of the communication burnout, are we really getting more or less? With the onslaught of text messages, tweets, IM’s and other various social networking venues, who has time for real communication? And, where is that damned cup?

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