Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peace - Spare the Rod.

Please don't spank your children. Spanking is a violent act. When you spank a child, your message is that it is okay for an adult to solve issues with violence. It is simpler than you realize. When you are not angry, sit down and devise an alternative plan of discipline.

I raised three children and never spanked them, not once. They grew up to be balanced, productive members of the human race. When one person strikes another person, the moment of anger outlasts the event that triggered the violent reaction.

I was quite strict; my word was the final word. I used various levels of discipline, such as removal from the situation; a thinking place. Taking away of privileges works and following through is key. Empty threats never work; they weaken your character and trust.

There are many alternative forms of dealing with unacceptable behavior. Remember, we are teaching our children how to live and deal with life. It really matters. After emotions simmer, it is vital to discuss the troublesome behavior with the child so that he or she understands the reasons why it must end or change. If the child is too young to comprehend, explain it. “You do not quite understand now, but in time, you will, and you will be grateful. This is the way it is. Trust me; I love you.”

Good role models are becoming an endangered species. We need a kinder, gentler world with logical and solid, consistent and safe boundaries.

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