Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hummingbird Trust

A poignant duet of pinkish apple blossoms and heady lilacs beckon the hummingbirds, signaling the time to fill the feeders and hang them on branches and around the fringes of the bee balm and ivy-covered trellis.

When the last blossom reluctantly departs, the migrating birds continue on their journey, planting seeds of inspiration before flying away. The hummingbird, however, lingers well into autumn.

Oftentimes in the early summer, I stand still within the leafy branches of the apple tree while the hummingbird hovers and drinks the nectar. I hold my breath, ignoring the mosquitoes; close enough to kiss the wings of the extraordinary creature. I resist. It is about trust, not giving in to my own desires to have more than what I have been offered.

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  1. I took this photo when I lived on Pocket Mountain in Granite,NH at Esquire Farm.