Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Treasure Becomes the Knowing

If I learn one lesson each day; it has been a good day. Some lessons are weighty and emerge after considerable contemplation. The syncopated pushing and pulling conflicts with my natural pulse. The heaviness settles deep and presses hard against the walls of my heart.

I watch the truth linger behind a soft silky veil. I know that I want it and reach for it. Merging is freedom. However, at times I prefer to look away, embracing my own perception (the one which no longer serves me).

I continue to climb, pulling myself up the mountain hand over hand, scraping against the defined edges of each craggy rock and tightening my grasp when the loose earth falls away. I tell myself that I won’t fall. I will not lose my footing. However, just as I convince myself of this; the silky veil thins and truth reveals that it is best to fall (right then and there).

I let go.
Truth and I are together, swirling inside of the tumbling chaos.
When we land, I am surrounded by a pile of scattered debris… all that descended with me. I can sift through it, ignore it, pack it up and carry it with me, or I can walk away and leave it where it lands. I weave together multiple strands of truth and continue.

I feel the pain of the fall – scratches, bruises, bumps and random scars – all reminders.

The journey waits. No longer afraid; I choose the untamed path, the one with the most unknowns.

I find lost treasure. I rejoice. I hold onto it and marvel at its goodness. I am warmed by its shine and hopelessly muddled by its charm. I am inclined to sing and dance because before there was no cause. In the midst of it; I discover the art of reclaiming that which was never lost to begin with.

When I realize that the treasure was always present; the treasure becomes the knowing.
Journal: Scarlet Lily

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