Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Kiss: Flower Fantasy

The purples were more purple, pinks more pink and thousands of summer yellows dotted the greenest of green. The sky was the color of lightly streaked Morning Glories in the peak of the day. I made my way through the rampant mass of color and uncontained joy to stand somewhere in the middle.

Unchecked and rowdy, the flowers danced with the grasses, bushes and smaller trees to a very different melody, unlike the typical frog sonata, cricket chorus or bird concerto. This raging composition was its own genre; a wild and unending cadenza…debuting for the first time and falling upon my ears.

The thick, fuzzy bees were greatly intoxicated, unable to determine boundaries within limitless nectar. The Ruby Throated hummingbird that used to hover before me dared to land in the palm of my hand and my hair was adorned on each side with two Monarch butterflies.

A fetch of multi-colored, silken winged dragonflies flit and whirled around the edges of it all in perfect unison. The elders, with continuous roots and unbroken boughs ready to embrace, surrounded us, witnessing, doting and looking on like well mannered chaperones.

The pale, patient moon stood by watching, dreaming and waiting for but not in a hurry for the night.

An uncommon flower of the deepest purple brushed against my skirt, nudging my leg, relentless and unwavering. I bent over to see about the fuss. Imagine my joy when it reached up and kissed me.
Journal: Dragon Lily

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