Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Magic of Plants: The Power of Mugwort

I am constantly learning and in awe of Our Mother and that which surrounds me. I have been transplanting, thinning, pruning and sorting through a variety of herbs and plants that grow wild and in old, well established herb gardens that have been here for decades. These plants have meandered about the property and are mixed in places you wouldn’t expect. So I am discovering, researching, identifying, rearranging and allowing room for healthy growth and companion planting that makes sense.

One project, other than the recent addition of mint and violet gardens, is a huge herb wheel that I am creating. I have many of the herbs in a holding area, and have cleared a spot for another new herb garden. I adore digging in the earth. The smell of dirt alone is pure joy. My heightened reconnection with Gaia has brought about a fresh sense of oneness that radiates from my core.

My latest lesson in all this is related to research. I read that Mugwort is known to promote and enhance dreams. In addition to a variety of other uses, many people make, sell and use Mugwort for dream pillows, or to hang near their bed for dream work. Intriguing.

Herein lies the lesson. There is more to the Mugwort Dream story. If one has a healthy and active dream life, which I do…, this can be too much and actually initiate nightmares. I did not read enough about this before acting on it. I largely focused on Mugwort in relation to moxibustion – a traditional Chinese medicinal therapy – and for possibly brewing ale.

I started with a bundle of Mugwort hanging by the head of my bed. The only thing that I noticed the next morning is that I had an unusually difficult time with dream recall. I never have this problem. I always remember my dreams in great detail and keep a journal.

I did not give this too much thought as I went about my busy day. The following night when I got all settled in my bed, I reached up and rubbed some of the Mugwort between my fingers, tugged off a few leaves and tucked them into my pillowcase. I inhaled deeply, thoroughly enjoying the heady scent before falling asleep.

I tossed and turned throughout the night and my dreams did not seem necessarily bad, but it was hard to tell because they were all broken up and not cohesive as my dreams usually are (in terms of dreams). I realized that I was a bit weary as the day wore on and attributed it to the many changes in my life and that my unconscious was processing accordingly.

Again, the next night, I (foolishly) wondered if perhaps I did not have ‘enough’ Mugwort in my pillowcase. I really only had a few sprigs to begin with. So I stuffed an additional, small handful of leaves into my pillowcase. I really do love the scent.

I had a night filled with terror. My dreams were frightening, disturbing and unlike any dreams I had experienced. In fact, I am still affected nearly a week later. I quickly got out of bed and took my pillow outdoors and pulled off the case and turned it inside out, shaking all the Mugwort leaves to the ground before tossing it into the laundry. I then went into the bunk room and grabbed an extra pillow and fresh pillow case. I took the bundle of Mugwort down from beside the bed and returned it to my herb drying room.

I fired up my computer and googled “Mugwort Nightmares” and got all the answers (that I missed in my initial reading).

The vital lesson for me is to trust my intuition and expand my research, which will strengthen my wisdom regarding the magical properties of the plant world. I am an experienced researcher, but my focus has primarily been history, psychology, ancient wisdom and music. Wildcraft has always been present as a way of life; however, I am broadening the scope. I have a book case filled with books on the subject, many field guides and related reference material. I have been studying herbalism, permaculture and wildcrafting for a minimum of two hours a day, usually more and then I spend several hours literally in the field.

I have discovered that the more I work with herbs and in the wild; the more my intuitive senses are awakening to my Ancient Self. I give thanks to the divine power of nature and all that connects me to the sacred wisdom of the Ancients, which continues to strengthen with each passing day.
Journal: Babies Breath

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